Published : 05/24/2024

Decorate your very own Mother’s Day mug using Uni Paint marker pens

Published : 05/24/2024
Decorate your very own Mother’s Day mug using Uni Paint marker pens
Decorate your very own Mother’s Day mug using Uni Paint marker pens

Give a unique and personal gift this Mother’s Day with a customised mug! Whether you decide to post a loving message, vibrant colours or adorable patterns, this mug will be a previous souvenir which Mum will cherish each time she makes a cup of tea or coffee! Follow our easy tutorial to customise your mug in a few simple steps. You only need a few items and a little imagination to create an original and sentimental gift.
For this tutorial, you will need:

  • A plain mug
  • Uni Paint marker pens in different colours (tip sizes 0.8-1.2 mm and
  • A brush tip
  • Varnish (for oil-based markers)

1st step: What you need
To start, check you have a clean mug, without any markings.
Then, to bring life to your mug, take out your Uni Paint marker pens. Here we have chosen red and pink.
Uni Paint marker pens are THE all-round marker pens par excellence! Thanks to their permanent oil-based paint, they can be used on any surface type. Moreover, they are water-resistant and even at temperatures of up to 250°C. You can rest assured that your wonderful creation will remain intact and retain its shine, even after being washed or going through the dishwasher!
Finally, do not forget to use a brush and varnish for the finer details of your creation and give it a brilliant shine optimising the final design.

2nd step: Customise your message
Let’s move to the second step: writing your message! Now you have everything you need in easy reach, take your Uni Paint marker pens (0.8-1.2 mm tips) and start writing your loving message on your mug. Whether a simple “Love you, Mum” or an inspiring quote, let your heart do the talking. Thanks to the quick-dry ink of our Uni Paint permanent markers, you can write without fear of smudging, guaranteeing a clear and precise result.

3rd step: Add some patterns

After your loving message, it’s time to add some patterns (using the 2.2-2.8 mm tips) to give your mug an even more personal touch.
Flowers, hearts, stars... Simply let your imagination run wild and design patterns with a vast array of colours to bring some joy to your Mother’s heart. And don’t forget to decorate the mug’s handle to make sure your creation is a real work of art. Just be sure to avoid the rim on the top of the mug which will come into contact with the mouth.

4th step: A final touch
To finish off in style, take out your brush and delicately apply some transparent varnish over the customised design. This will give your creation a shine whilst protecting your design and colours.

Once the varnish is applied, leave to dry fully. Ensure your mug is in a safe place where it will not be touched or knocked over whilst drying.

5 th step: The final result
Well done for this magnificent creation! Your very own customised mug is now ready to give with love! Don’t forget to wrap it up with care.
Mum will be delighted by this delicate lovingly-created gift!

What about you? What does your mug look like? We can’t wait to see! Don’t forget to share your creations on our social media! ;)