There is a Uni-Ball pen to meet every requirement. Whether you're looking for a pen for the home, for work or for school, whether you need to take quick notes on a daily basis, write long correspondence, annotate or sign professional documents, you'll find exactly the right product you need in the Uni-Ball range! All our pens combine comfort, efficiency and robustness to allow you to put down your ideas on paper easily, share your emotions and assert your personality. With Uni-Ball, your writing is in good hands (yours!).


Rollerballs, glide and comfort allies

Fluid, robust and 100% reliable, Uni-Ball rollerballs are the perfect companions for all professionals and individuals seeking a high performance pen and a range of vibrant colours.
Mechanical pencils

Mechanical pencils, precision tools

Ideal for writing and drawing, Uni-ball mechanical pencils are crammed to the hilt with technology. Their ultra-resistant NanoDia leads guarantee fine, even lines.