Creative Leisure

Uni-Ball, quality products dedicated to creativity. For fans of drawing, scrapbooking, lettering, card-making, bullet-journals, customization or DIY, Uni-Ball offers a rich and wide range of tools. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, bring your ideas to life with our creative, intuitive and reliable tools. They will accompany you in all your projects, from the most prosaic to the most extravagant. Together, be passionate and create!

Creative rollerballs

Signo gel rollerballs, essential companions for creative leisure

With their sparkling or iridescent colours, subtle shades or intense highlights, they are the perfect allies for creative activities: scrapbooking, card-making, bullet journals, colouring, lettering, doodling
Felt-tips for drawing

The Uni Felt-tip pens, permanent and super precise, for leisure, creating and even technical tracing

Draw plans, write in multiple colours and bring your most beautiful creations to life (drawing, lettering, mandala, illustrations, mangas, comics...) thanks to our wide range of tips and colours.