Published : 07/15/2021

Customise a notebook cover with an art pattern

Published : 07/15/2021
Customise a notebook cover with an art pattern
Customise a notebook cover with an art pattern

Our EMOTT range of modern felt-tip pens, with their immaculate white design right to the tip, each colour more beautiful than the last. Perfect for writing, sketching and drawing!

Surprise, here’s a new drawing tutorial for all levels, to make your notebook unique. The idea? To personalise a cover page with an art pattern, by reproducing a pattern several times for a hypnotic and very satisfying result. Let’s get customising!


Tutorial level: Beginner / Advanced / Expert


For this tutorial, first you'll need:

  • A notebook with a card stock cover

  • A template of the pattern you want to reproduce (ours can be found here)


1st step: The materials

Paper is the playground for our EMOTT range! So make sure you choose a suitable notebook for the perfect creative experience.

You can customise the cover, but why not do the cover pages too.

We’ve chosen a notebook with a natural card cover. And the Essential Colours range of Emott felt-tip pens.

Select the colours you like and the pattern to be reproduced. We have a pattern for you to download, but of course, you can choose another one.

uni ball felt tip pens EMOTT

If this art pattern exercise can impress when finished, it will be all the more enjoyable to create thanks to the EMOTT felt-tip pens and their high-quality ink. No risk of leaking, you’re all set for peaceful creation!


2nd step: The base of your art pattern

To start your cover page, sketch the first line of the patterns in your first colour, being careful to always stick the patterns together.

If you need help, you can sketch a line beforehand so that the creation is straight.

uni ball felt tip pens EMOTT

3rd step: Elaborate the pattern

Then, by alternating the colours, recreate the same line, by placing the patterns in staggered rows. So the number of patterns per line may vary from one line to another. You see, the more you reproduce the pattern, the easier it will become!

uni ball felt tip pens EMOTT

And don't be afraid if you need to place a hand on your lines, the ink dries quickly and also has the advantage of not gushing.

uni ball felt tip pens EMOTT

4th step: Admire the result

Now we’ve reached the top of the page! Congratulations, the cover is finished. The result is colourful and stylish and creating it has relaxed you and calmed your mind. What do you think?

ouni ball felt tip pens EMOTT custo

In the end, the most complicated part is choosing which EMOTT colours to use, right?

Don’t worry, thanks to the pigments used in the composition of the EMOTT ink, your creation will last for ages and the colours will keep their lustre!

If you reproduce this tutorial or another art pattern, share the final result with us using the hashtag #uniballfrance and tag us on Instagram (@uniball_fr) we’d love to admire your work and share them in a story!