Published : 04/17/2024

Customise your own canvas bag using Signo roller balls

Published : 04/17/2024
Customise your own canvas bag using Signo roller balls
Customise your own canvas bag using Signo roller balls

How about transforming an ordinary canvas bag into a colourful work of art this April using Signo roller balls! Why not add some little jokes to celebrate the  tradition of 1st April? Follow our tutorial to succeed with your customisation: all you need is a blank canvas bag, your gel roller balls in a variety of colours, and get stuck in to this new tutorial full of fun.
For this tutorial, you will need:

Step 1: What you need
To start, check you have a clean canvas bag, without any markings.
Then, to bring your bag to life, take out your Signo glitter roller balls in a range of colours, along with the classic black and white.
Signo glitter rollers, thanks to their gel ink, offer a unique writing experience by gently sliding across the paper with a soft and tender texture. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, wood and textiles. Finally, do not forget to have your Shalaku S pencil to hand (with its inbuilt eraser). Practical and effective, it has a lateral retractable barrel to reload a new portion of lead without lifting a finger.

Step 2: Create your draft
Let’s move on to step 2: creating your draft! Now you have everything you need to hand, take your Shalaku S pencil and begin to sketch your outline. Thanks to its soft touch ergonomic feel, our pencil is comfortable to hold, allowing you to draw in total confidence.
To make the pleasure of April Fool’s Day last a little longer, we have decided to write some funny jokes/draw some pretty clowns . However, you can also choose some more classic images such as flowers, butterflies or Easter eggs… Let your imagination run wild and be creative!

Step 3: Draft the outline
Using the black Signo roller ball, draw over the outline to your design. Thanks to its quick-dry ink, there will be no smudging and you can quickly move on to the next step.
Don’t forget to erase the pencil sketch once you have finished this step.

Step 4: Add some colour
To finish in style using your glitter roller balls, add some colour to your design. Thanks to the bright and lively colours in the Signo range, your designs will stand out on your canvas bag!
Some great laughs in store!
To make sure the colours stay in place, we recommend ironing the bag inside out.

Step 5: The end result
Well done for your brand-new creation! Your customised canvas bag is now ready to use! Show off your creation with pride during April to friends and family!
An original creation which people will love!

How about you? What does your canvas bag look like? We can’t wait to see your design! Feel free to share the result on our social media! ;)