Published : 03/08/2024

Decorate a photo frame for Grandmother’s Day using Uni Paint markers

Published : 03/08/2024
Decorate a photo frame for Grandmother’s Day using Uni Paint markers
Decorate a photo frame for Grandmother’s Day using Uni Paint markers

Decorate a photo frame for Grandmother’s Day using Uni Paint markers
This year, for Grandmother’s Day, allow your creativity to run free by customising a picture frame! A simple and affordable idea which will remind Nan just how much you love her each time she looks at your loving creation. Follow our tutorial for a wonderful decoration: use a frame from your favourite photo of you and your grandmother, take your Uni Paint markers and embark on this tutorial bursting with love!
For this tutorial, you will need:

Step 1: What you need
Ready to start?

First of all, choose a frame with your favourite photo of you and your grandmother.

Then to bring some life to your photo frame, take your Uni Paint markers in their wide variety of colours.

Uni-Paint permanent markers are ideal for all surface types thanks to their permanent pigment base. Whether you are working on paper, wood, glass or any other material, these markers offer an excellent adherence and vibrant colours which do not fade over time.

With these high-quality markers, allow your imagination to run wild and create your unique and memorable photo frame with total confidence!

Step 2: Get decorating
We can now move on to the next step: decoration! Now you have everything you need in easy reach, let’s start to add some wonderful touches to your photo frame. Use the Uni Paint markers to draw small designs around the outside of your photo frame. Flowers, hearts, stars… Give your creativity free reign!  You can vary the size of points to fill in or add finer details.
Turn your photo frame into a real masterpiece which is the perfect illustration of all of the love you have for your grandmother.

And don’t forget to leave some empty space to write a personal message or for your signature!

Step 3: A small personal message
Once you are happy with your decoration, use a fine tip Uni Paint marker (0.8-1.2 mm) and write a loving message.
Whether a simple “Love you lots, Nan”, an inspiring quote or a shared memory, let your marker guide you to create a message which will bring a smile to your gran.

Step 4: Add some details to the glass
To finish off in style, still using a Uni Paint marker, add a final decorative touch to the glass on the front of your picture frame. Details which will help certain parts of the photo stand out, or add some small flowers or hearts.
With this decoration made with so much love and care, your grandmother will not fail to be delighted! Offering a handmade gift with love and care says more than a normal gift, and your gran will be touched by this special attention.

The final result
Your customised photo frame is now ready to give to your much-loved grandmother! This wonderful gift, bursting with love and creativity, will bring joy and make her smile! Well done for such a wonderful gift.
Enjoy a wonderful Grandmother’s Day, full of love, joy and precious moments with the whole family. Make the very most of this special day to cherish special memories and create new unforgettable experiences with your grandmother!

How about you? What does your photo frame look like? We can’t wait to see your designs! Don’t forget to share your results on our social media! ;)