Published : 03/08/2024

Create your very own vision board with EMOTT coloured felt tip pens

Published : 03/08/2024
Create your very own vision board with EMOTT coloured felt tip pens
Create your very own vision board with EMOTT coloured felt tip pens

Farewell 2023, welcome 2024! New year means new plans! And to group together your new projects, we are offering you this chance to create your very own vision board. Thanks to a collage of images, you can lay out all of your wishes and dreams for the new year ahead! To add your very own unique touch, we will show you how to do this using EMOTT coloured felt tip pens.
For this tutorial, you will need:

  • A notebook
  • Photos or magazines to cut out pictures
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Different colour EMOTT felt tip pens

Step 1: What you need
Begin by choosing a notebook you like, whether large or small, the choice is yours. If you want to centralise an image, we would advise you to choose a notebook without a spiral binding.
Make sure you have a variety of photos and magazines in easy reach to cut out images which inspire you.
To cut out and stick pictures in your notebook, make sure you have a pair of scissors and glue stick to hand.
Finally, to add a touch of creativity to your vision board with annotations, designs or words, EMOTT felt tip pens and their bright and intense colours will be the perfect tool!

Step 2: Ready, set, cut!
Kick off your creative adventure by looking through the photos which capture your attention. If you can’t find any images which perfectly match your plans, it is the ideal time to delve into the world of magazine cuttings. Let your imagination run wild and search for those images which best characterise your dreams for the new year ahead.
Perhaps you’d like to cook more nutritious food or travel more? Choose photos of balanced meals, and images of landscapes and people trekking across some majestic mountains.
Carefully cut out the images or words you have chosen.

Step 3: Categorise your images
You can then categorise your different pictures by theme. Travel, well-being, friendship, cooking, the choice is yours!

Step 4: Get sticking
Using your EMOTT felt tip pens, write “2024” in a small paper rectangle, then place it at the centre of your vision board.
Once happy with the layout, stick the pictures into your notebook around the “2024” rectangle, theme by theme.

Step 5: Design to your heart’s content
Using your EMOTT felt tip pens, add some designs, plans and quotations. Anything which can inspire and motivate you.

Thanks to the EMOTT felt tip pens and their wide range of colours, you can draw, write and trace with elegance and precision.

Step 6: The end result
And there you have it! Take a few moments each day to contemplate your vision board, which is a visual reminder helping you to stay focused on your plans for 2024!
What are your New Year resolutions? We can’t wait to see. Don’t forget to share the result on with us on our social media!